Why Drop Off My Recycling?

There are many environmental and economic benefits of using your local drop-off recycling centres. Whether you’re digging into your summer cleaning or getting ready for a big move, drop-off recycling is an ideal choice to keep recyclable materials from ending up in the trash. Kelowna Recycling offers drop-off recycling services—learn more about the benefits below!

Convenient for Households and Businesses

Drop-off recycling makes it easy to get rid of recyclable items. From small appliances and electronics to used lightbulbs and batteries, drop-off recycling is convenient because you can take a variety of different items in at the same time. Drop-off recycling allows businesses to recycle large volumes of materials at once, saving both time and money.


Drop-off recycling is a sustainable choice because recovered materials can be used to manufacture new items. Recycling also reduces the production of new materials and decreases pollution from extracting, transporting, and refining raw materials. With innovation in technology, more materials are becoming recyclable and recoverable every year.

Avoid the Landfill

Drop-off recycling makes it easy to avoid taking your unwanted recyclables to the landfill and paying their fees! Improperly disposed of recyclable materials can also cause severe environmental damage by adding to groundwater pollution, and soil contamination by leaching from heavy metals.

Toxic Materials Disposal

Dangerous materials could pose a risk to your business or residence if they are improperly stored or disposed of. Local drop-off recycling makes it easy to get rid of toxic or hazardous materials safely. These include paint, spray cans, and solvents. Keeping it local also reduces the risk of accidents and spillage during long-distance transport away from municipal dumps.

Visit Our Recycling Centre

Stop by Kelowna Recycling today to see for yourself the benefits of drop-off recycling. Contact us today for more information on our hours, and what we can accept! The list expands every year! We also can schedule pickups for large donations of metal and construction waste.