Trendy Small Kitchen Appliances – But Where to Recycle The Old One?

Summer’s just around the corner, and the higher temperatures mean things are getting hot in the kitchen. To make cooking easier this season, check out what’s trending in small kitchen appliances—and where to recycle your old items! Here at Kelowna Recycling, we welcome your recycling drop-offs!

High-speed Blender

With notable brands like Vitamix, Blendtec, and Ninja taking over the blender market, now’s the time to get on board. Blenders aren’t just about smoothies anymore—the high-speed variety can tackle a range of cooking duties. Try blending soups, making milkshakes, grinding your nuts for nut butter—or even grinding wheat berries to make your own flour!

Air Fryer

During swimsuit season, it’s never a bad idea to look for healthier ways to cook your favourite meals and snacks. Air fryers are a great way to get a crispy deep-fried taste without the fat or calories. This counter-top appliance is essentially a mini convection oven. A high-speed fan circulates the hot air, making for a consistent, crisp coating. An added bonus: your dinner or snacks cook really quickly because the food is heated from all sides.


For anyone who loves the speed of a microwave and the flavour of food cooked in an oven, a combi-oven is an ideal choice. With a variety of heating, steaming, toasting, and warming settings, this small appliance gets the job done in a snap. A trending favourite is “grilled cheese” sandwiches—the bread and cheese are warmed up first and then the sandwich is toasted from above and below by radiant heat elements.

Visit Our Recycling Centre

When you bring new small appliances into your home, don’t store the old ones that are broken or out-of-date! Instead of throwing them away or taking them to a landfill, make the sustainable choice and visit your local recycling centre.

Stop by Kelowna Recycling today to drop off your old small appliances or other recyclables. Contact us today for hours, our location and what we accept!