Yes, Virginia, There Is a Place to Recycle Small Appliances

Not everything is meant to last forever, and small appliances are no different. From coffee makers to microwaves, small appliances wear out and break down. When we buy new to replace them, we all can take the time to visit Kelowna Recycling! Throwing these into a garbage bag is not the best option because parts can be repurposed for new!
Keep reading for more tips about why we should all recycle:

Prevent Harmful Waste

Small appliances disposed of in the garbage end up in local landfills. Many of those appliances contain materials that are harmful to the environment when they leak out. Recycling can prevent harmful waste from leaching into our precious groundwater – or the release of harmful gases. Harmful waste commonly found in small appliances includes mercury (often found in thermostats) and other toxic materials found in microchips and batteries.

Recycle The Scrap Metal

Small appliances often contain small amounts of metals such as aluminum and stainless steel—materials that can be recovered through the recycling system. Recycling scrap metal saves on space in our landfill. It also reduces the amount of raw material that need to be excavated and smelted to produce new appliances.

Manufacturing By-products

Recycling small appliances can reduce the CO2 emissions in the mining sector! Whenever metal can be recovered and used in a different product, you are doing your part to help the environment. Every stage in the manufacturing process causes pollution—from raw metals’ excavation to transporting the finished product to retailers.

Kelowna Recycling accepts a variety of small appliances for recycling, including:

  • blenders
  • toasters and toaster ovens
  • drip coffee makers
  • tabletop fans
  • upright vacuums
  • treadmills
  • microwaves

Call For Drop-off Hours

If you’re sure an unused small appliance in good working condition can’t be donated to a thrift shop in our area, then make Kelowna Recycling your first choice for residential, commercial, and industrial recycling services. Call us today to check hours, or if you have any questions about recycling small appliances and other household items.