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The Right Answer for our Planet

We are a recycling centre accepting free drop-offs in Kelowna from metal and electronics, to paint and used household appliances. As the recycling leader for southern BC, we are pleased to offer a variety of services including free scrap metal pick-ups for the Thompson-Okanagan, Shuswap, Cariboo and Kootenay regions, if a minimum volume is met. Our convenient location on Windsor Road in Kelowna makes us the ideal drop-off point for the Central Okanagan. We arrange bin replacements for commercial enterprises and construction sites.

Open Monday through Saturday to accept drop-offs and answer your questions over the phone.

Why & How to Recycle

At Kelowna Recycling, we know life is busy and sometimes it just seems ‘easier’ to throw something into the trash. We also know there are many items that people simply don’t know what to do with when they’ve run their course. When it comes to recycling, we believe by educating people on why and how to recycle, while making recycling easy will ensure more people will do what’s right for our world: recycling!

Recycling is important. It is one of the easiest ways for a person to have a positive impact on the environment. In North America, the amount of waste we create continues to increase all the time. If we can consciously put more thought into what to do after we’ve used all that ‘stuff’, we will help make our world a better place. Our landfills are filling up fast. Plus, harmful gasses and chemicals are released from landfills.

Why recycle? It’s the right thing to do for the environment and for us.

Not knowing how to recycle and the fear of getting it wrong really does keep many people from properly getting rid of their waste. At Kelowna Recycling Centre, we’re here to make recycling easy. We’ll help you learn what can and cannot be recycled.

How to recycle?

It’s easy. Bring your metal, paint, electronics, batteries, or lightbulbs to us. We’ll do the rest.

Our Specialty:
Metal Recycling

If you are an electrician, plumber, contractor or salvage yard, call us to discuss options for recycling your scrap metal for cash. We are equipped to accept large loads of scrap metal and can provide collection bins for industrial and construction sites (weekly pickups).

Kelowna Recycling pays the highest cashback for metal in the BC interior, paid by weight with our free pick-up (minimum quantities apply).

We’ll save you the transportation costs, loading wages, and you’ll benefit from the financial rewards of recycling with us.

For more information, see our METAL RECYCLING page.

pile of copper wire scrap secondary materials
scrap metal

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scheduled Metal and Batteries' Pickups

Scheduled Metal and Batteries' Pickups


Free Bins for Large Loads

paint recycling


paint recycling

Small Appliances

paint recycling

Automotive Batteries

paint recycling

Paint Recycling

household batteries recycling

Household Batteries Recycling

Light Bulbs Recycling

Light Bulbs Recycling

Kelowna Household Recycling

Kelowna Recycling made quick and easy. When you can’t reduce or reuse, don’t trash – recycle.

Please note we cannot accept the following items for recycling:

Any empty containers (except empty paint cans) or liquid products that are solidified, these items can go in your regular garbage.
Materials in glass containers cannot be accepted for safety reasons unless they are pesticides in the original container.