All About Metal Recycling

Metal recycling is important for many reasons. First, metal recycling conserves resources. Recycling one ton of aluminum could save the equivalent of 21 barrels of oil. Second, metal recycling reduces pollution. For every one ton of aluminum that is recycled, we save the equivalent of 17 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. Third, metal recycling creates jobs, which is good for the economy.

Copper Recycling

At Kelowna Recycling offer a convenient and reliable copper recycling service that helps to keep this valuable metal out of landfills. Copper is a highly recyclable material, and we are committed to ensuring that it is recycled properly. For commercial customers, we offer a rental bin program so that we can schedule a metal pick-up service for copper scrap. We also accept copper cables and copper wire drop-offs at our facility in downtown Kelowna. We process copper scrap using the latest technology, and we pay competitive prices for copper recycling.

Brass Recycling

Brass is a common metal found in many different types of fixtures and appliances. Brass recycling is an important part of our industry and a great way to keep this valuable resource in re-use and out of our landfills. At Kelowna Recycling we ensure that brass and other metals are recycled responsibly, and we pay the highest market rates for recycled brass, copper, aluminum and more.

Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum is easy to recycle and an important part of sustainability efforts worldwide. There are many ways that we recycle aluminum wire, sheets, and aluminum construction waste. Aluminum can be recycled through industrial processes, such as smelting or electrolysis. These methods are typically used to recycle the larger pieces of aluminum, such as metal scraps or insulated aluminum wire. Aluminum recycling offers many environmental benefits as well.
Recycling aluminum requires far less energy than mining and processing new metal, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to conserve resources. In addition, recycling aluminum helps to reduce landfills and prevents pollution from discarded metal. Overall, aluminum recycling is a simple and effective way to reduce waste and help protect the environment.
electronic aluminum waste
If you are a commercial business with a lot of aluminum to recycle, we will pay you for your scrap metal! By working together, we can make a difference for the planet one recycled can at a time.

Our specialty is metal recycling, but we accept many other items, including paint, batteries, copper tech cables, and much more. Call us for details. Drop off your recycling at our location in Kelowna, or if you are part of our commercial bin rental program, schedule a recycling pick up. It’s easy to fill out our online form to schedule pick up services. Please note that pick up times are approximate and will be confirmed by phone in advance.

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