Is it Time for New Lightbulbs and Why Recycle?

Nothing lasts forever, and lightbulbs are no different. Lightbulbs are used in every room in the house, and occasionally they need replacing. But what do you do with the old bulbs? How do you decide what bulbs are right for different rooms in your home?
Kelowna Recycling has a few tips and tricks to help you decide which new lightbulbs to use and how to recycle the old ones.


The first step when choosing new lightbulbs is to check the right wattage level you need. Watts indicate the power output in a bulb. Standard household lightbulbs range from 25 to 100 watts, while LEDs have a maximum output of 18 watts. But just because the number is lower doesn’t mean that LED bulbs aren’t bright! LEDs are more energy-efficient. Check the display in your nearest lighting store to pick the right tone and wattage.

Bulb Type

The 3 most common types of household bulbs are standard, compact fluorescent (CFL) and light-emitting diodes (LED):
  • Standard lightbulbs: Also known as incandescent bulbs, they provide the most light and superior brightness or lumen levels. These bulbs are being phased out of production because of their high wattage and energy inefficiency.
  • CFL lightbulbs: CFL lightbulbs are simply a smaller, more compact version of traditional fluorescent tube lighting. These bulbs will soon be the only ones you can buy. They are energy efficient, provide soft white light, and they last super long. These bulbs are commonly used in a bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.
  • LED lightbulbs: these lightbulbs are incredibly energy efficient and use up to 90% less energy than standard lightbulbs. The bulbs produce less of a “bright light” and are commonly used in the garage, outdoor patios, and pantries.

Recycling Lightbulbs

When lightbulbs burn out, they need to be disposed of properly. British Columbia has a goal to recycle 100% of old lighting materials. To help reduce your carbon footprint and keep lightbulbs out of landfills, recycling centres such as Kelowna Recycling accept all types of household and industrial lightbulbs for recycling.

We’re Here to Help

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