Making a Difference – Together

Recycling greatly impacts the environment. In 2020, over 203,000 net tonnes were collected in Recycle BC’s packaging and paper product program. 90% of the total amount collected was accepted and recycled. Over 1.86 million BC households in 176 communities participated in recycling to reduce landfills. We are building a circular economy whereby we move waste from a make, take, and dispose “one-way” route to a circular one where waste is managed responsibly and recycled into new products and packaging.

Recycling – whether it is paper, plastic, electronics, construction waste, paint, or metal is an everyday activity that should be implemented both at home and in commercial businesses. The step to a better and cleaner world begins with all of us. At Kelowna Recycling, we are here to help you manage your recycling and to contribute to building a cleaner environment. There are recycling activities you can practice without having to break your bank or back.

Have a Bin Onsite

We provide drop-off and pickup for bins you can keep on your commercial property or construction site. This not only makes disposal easier but also keeps your location clean and green. We will discuss what volume of recycling you have and the frequency of pickups.

Metal Can be Valuable

Scrap metal is of great value to manufacturing, where recycling scrap into new products can be highly energy efficient. These metals are already refined and can be re-purposed faster. Again, we pickup, or you can drop-off at our Kelowna location.

hardware equipment in dustbin
For electricians who are replacing copper wire on older and newer buildings and demolition projects – as well as scrap collectors – we pay top dollar to recycle copper wire. The copper wire we collect includes insulated copper wire, tech wire, BX cable and more. Bare bright copper wire is ideal for recycling.

Brass is a common metal found in a variety of household and commercial fixtures, from the yellow brass in faucets, plumbing and valves to red brass contained in gears, turnings as well as valves and some plumbing fixtures. Red brass is a metal with a higher brass content, while yellow brass has more zinc. At Kelowna Recycling, we know that brass recycling is the right way to dispose of any brass fixtures or material you may have on hand or come across as a plumber or scrap collector. We ensure that brass and other metals are recycled responsibly, and we pay the highest market rates for recycled brass, copper, aluminum and more. Talk to us today about pick-ups in Southern BC.

Let’s Get Started

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you efficiently dispose of scrap metal, electronics, hazardous waste, paint and more. We are open Monday to Saturdays for drop-offs.