Should I Recycle Brass?

Brass is an alloy composed mainly of copper and is an ideal candidate for recycling because it doesn’t lose its physical or chemical characteristics during the recycling process. Brass is used widely in industrial applications, from pipes, joinery, and machinery gears, and also in our homes (fixtures, decorative cabinet hardware, or plaques). We understand the importance of recycling metals and have created this list. Read more on brass recycling at our Kelowna location.

Easy to recycle

Brass is a unique metal in that the majority of its uses are in its pure form. Since there is minimal metal recovery required, brass can be smelted and remolded into thick sheets that are then cut into small squares. These pellets of recycled brass are then sent to manufacturers to use in new products.

Recycling Will Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

When a material is recycled, it reduces the carbon footprint of the next product made from that material. When brass is recycled and turned into a new item, it eliminates the process of digging for new copper and refining the ore. This greatly reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturers who use recycled brass.

Reduces the Metal in Our Landfill

Recycling brass helps keep surplus metals out of landfills. When metals are discarded instead of recycled, those metals can leach toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater near the landfill site. Increased pollution from metals in landfills can also impact human health, wildlife, and food production.

Which brass items can be recycled?

  • Brass Radiators
  • Yellow Brass (e.g., faucets, plumbing pipes, and valves)
  • Red Brass (e.g., gears, turnings, valves, and plumbing fixtures)
  • Iron/Dirty Brass Products
  • Residential Brass items

Convenient Kelowna Dropoffs

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