Reducing CO2 Emissions through Large-scale Recycling

Join us as we prepare for Global Recycling Day on March 18th. Each year, the recycling industry celebrates the CO2 emission reduction and other benefits of large-scale recycling programs. Recycling is a simple way for us to work together towards Canada’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.
We have a global challenge, with our rising levels of CO2 — and part of the solution is to reduce our communities’ CO2 emission footprint through effective recycling.
Globally, CO2 is the dominant form of greenhouse gas emissions. Our energy-based activities, such as transportation and manufacturing, produce tonnes of carbon dioxide gas which are released into the Earth’s atmosphere. As a direct result, we all suffer from the greenhouse gas effects on the earth’s climate – commonly referred to as global warming.
In a nutshell, CO2 emissions are causing our planet to get warmer. In order to maintain environmentally sustainable temperatures, we need to find practical ways to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions.
Kelowna Recycling is proud to be a proactive partner in the reduction of CO2 emissions in Canada. By providing sorting and reclamation services with our community, industry and regional partners, we are directly contributing to the achievement of Canada’s emission reduction goals.
Recycling removes solid waste from landfills and incinerators and reorients core materials to fresh and innovative reuse. These efforts in turn represent significant, quantifiable reductions in national CO2 emissions. Metals, plastics, organic materials, wood fibre and other used materials that are repurposed as part of the manufacturing and raw resource supply chain involved in the creation of new goods, take less energy to make into new products – and this means lower emissions.

We’re here to Help

Through local efforts to recycle key materials, the CO2 emissions normally associated with raw resource harvesting and extraction, including mining and deforestation, can be reduced. Together, we are changing the world for good. Have metal scrap or construction materials to get picked up? Give us a call or use our Online Appointment Scheduler on our website.